Welcome to testsound site / testiäänien sivu

I offer pure digital sounds to test your audio systems, such as Amplifiers, Speakers, MD and Tape recorders.
It's free & easy to use. Enjoy & good listening!

Testiäänillä voit testata vahvistimia, kaiuttimia ja muita audiolaitteita!

You can save files to mp3 player and you have minisized signal generator with accurate frequency and sweep option.
All files are recorded accurate level of -3dB. Frequency 10Hz to 20kHz

Primary server needs login ( User: testsounds, Passwd: testsounds )

Autohifi testsounds 15Hz - 100Hz -3dB level, 1Hz steps (1min/track), All autohifitestsounds in one rar archive
Test CD archive 5Hz - 20kHz -6dB level (1min/track)
Wav Pinknoise 20min archive rar file
MP3 files 320kbit/s Frequency 10Hz to 20kHz (5min/track) All these files in one archive(rar)
All Wav originals in one archive(rar) 16Bit files and 24Bit files Frequency 10Hz to 47kHz

Secondary server needs login ( User: testsounds, Passwd: testsounds )

MP3 files joint stereo VBR 80-90kbit/s Frequency 10Hz to 20kHz
Wav files are orginals and best quality  Frequency 10Hz to 47kHz (rar archive files include orginal wav files)

Testsounds made by Mikko Esala
Files are sorted by type
Sound level -3dB
Files are free of copyrights, you can save, copy,
broadcast in radio and upload to your own homepage
(if you upload files in your homepage please mark "Made by Mikko Esala"), thanks.



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